Culture Shock w/ Dr. Jeremy Miller


Saturday 3/5, 10 am-12 pm:

A two-hour collegiate-style seminar for tattoo studio owners presented by Dr. Jeremy Miller of Pigment Tattoo and Laser Removal, with a focus on building an organizational culture of growth, innovation, and quality.


Where: Michelangelo Room

Cost: $200  Register - 512-331-5476

Ever After Color Workshop w/ Liz Cook  

Limited space available!


Saturday 3/5 10 am-3 pm

Anything and everything you’d want to learn about PMU color theory and the Ever After Pigments line. Master Artist, Liz Cook, teaches a 5-hour, intensive hands-on, color workshop for PMU techs. Whether you’re just getting into or have been doing permanent cosmetics for a while and you want to supercharge your color knowledge, this is the most informative color theory class out there! With in-depth drills and guided practices, this intimate setting focuses on the why’s and how’s while showing each student how to become their own color expert.


Topics include skin tones and undertones, how to confidently use or mix the perfect color for every client for any procedure, preventing and overcoming corrections, pigment science-fact or fiction, longevity in pmu colors, and much more.


Attendees will receive certificates of attendance, workbooks, and products used during the workshop along with awesome EA swag bags and direct follow-up support to Liz Cook for a whole year!


This is a Motor City Convention-only price and will not be offered at this price anywhere else!


Where: Greco Room

Cost: $300  Register HERE

Eternal Ink Color Workshop w/ Liz Cook Limited space available!


Saturday 3/5, 4pm-9 pm

20 years in the making, master artist, Liz Cook, teaches a 5-hour, bootcamp style, hands-on, color workshop for tattoo artists looking to transition into or amplify their color game. Jam-packed with more mind-blowing color knowledge than you thought you could fit in your head…just ask someone who’s attended a Liz seminar before…this workshop entails in-depth exercises and collegiate level guided workbook topics.


Pigment attributes and quirks, seeing passed the bottle, the 4 dimensions of color, easy step-by-step color sequencing, making ugly colors work, skin-tones, choosing the “right” colors, color longevity, and totally new content never before taught in any previous seminar or workshop, is just a handful of the insane amount of info that Liz is bringing to this workshop.


Loaded with color fun, free product, and Eternal swag bags, this workshop is super limited on seats to guarantee that all attendees get the most out of this special Motor City Convention experience.


Where: Greco Room

Cost: $300  Register HERE

The Importance of a Happy Client w/ Bryan Sanchez


Sunday 3/6. 12 pm-2 pm:

What is the most important thing about tattooing?

  • Clean lines?

  • A solid application?

  • Composition?

  • Follow the rules of the style?

WRONG! If you don’t want to be a tattoo artist just to pay the bills, discover how to escape from the infinity symbol tattoos, compasses with roses, and all conventional tattoo formulas copied from the internet. Learn how to sell your ideas and creative style … without losing your mind! Tattooing is not only about having skills, the real portfolio is a happy client. Stop blaming your client for the bad ideas! This seminar is about one of the most important techniques in tattooing, customer service!

Where: Michelangelo Room

Cost: FREE  Register Just show up

Black and Gray: Luck of the Draw w/ Marshall Bennett and Bob Tyrrell


Sunday 3/5, 2 pm-?

Detroit duo, Bob Tyrell and Marshall Bennett will share their decades of knowledge in mastering the art of Black and Gray tattooing. Watch first-hand as each artist tattoos and shares advice, insight, and a story or two about their art.


Where: Michelangelo Room

Cost: $200  Register at the Contest Registration Booth at the Expo.